Engagement rings are a big deal. People can get very dramatic about the size of the diamond or the cut of the diamond or the setting. It can be all very complicated and usually, men are just along for the ride. Jewelers have a very unique seat for some of his insane drama.

These stories about the craziest moments jewelers have ever seen regarding engagement rings. Golddiggers, drama queens, mean girls, and scammers all play their parts. It's a fascinating look into the drama-filled world of the lovers and (sometimes) haters.

He Tried To Do The Right And Paid A Huge Price
He Tried To Do The Right And Paid A Huge Price

He looks at her and looks back at me hesitantly and apparently her spell of seduction was strong enough that he decided that lunging at me was a good idea.

He caught me with my hands down at first and knocked me back into a cabinet (which shattered). While I was down, I managed to trip my silent alarm; he then came at me again and I managed to get a couple of shots in. We were going toe to toe for a good 30 seconds when suddenly I felt a warm sensation on the left side of my back (around where the kidneys are). I was in shock and it was like in the movies where I touched the area and brought my hand back up, covered in blood in complete disbelief. The other guy was in disbelief, too, and stopped attacking me. I turned to my side and there stood the girl with a FREAKING knife in her hand. The broad stabbed me!

When the reality of what happened set in, I got extremely dizzy from all of the blood loss and fell to the ground. They ran outside only to be apprehended by police. I was taken to the hospital and later found out that she had lacerated my kidney and I was a lot closer to death than I originally thought."

The Drama Over The Engagement
The Drama Over The Engagement

"I have a friend named Joanne who was a bit socially awkward, which is not that uncommon for lesbians. She decides that she wants to put a timer on herself to motivate her to get out there and meet women. She goes to a jewelry store, picks out a big, gorgeous ring, prices it out exactly as she would want, and then gets a number: $20,000.

So then Joanne goes home and works out a plan. She's going to put $250/month in the bank for the next seven years. During that time, her goal is to meet a woman worthy of this ring.

She is motivated. This is about 10% of her take-home pay, so it's a significant amount to her. She starts dating, asking girls out, has a few relationships. Finally, she meets Dawn. Dawn is nothing at all like Joanne. Where Joanne is a bit socially awkward and kind of quiet, Dawn is tall, loud, and boisterous. She laughs too loud and too often for some people. She's always got a story, she can drink like a sailor, and Joanne is completely in love with her. They meet, date a few times, and in three weeks, Dawn moves into Joanne's apartment. Some of Joanne's friends don't like Dawn. Her roommate doesn't mind so much.

Dawn loses her job and for three months is looking for another one while she finishes grad school. Dawn may be a bit obnoxious, but she's seemingly pretty honest. She seems to really care for Joanne.

A couple more years go by and Joanne tells me she's saved up the amount. She's got a savings account with $20,000 in it and she wants to ask Dawn to marry her. Dawn has been employed for a few years now as a graphic designer and part time community college professor for art history.

I tell Joanne she should ask Dawn first, but she's having none of it. Joanne goes to the store, buys a ring almost identical to the one she wanted, and she takes it home to propose to Dawn.

Dawn loses it. She just starts crying. She can't handle it. She says she won't give her an answer. She needs time to think. She needs to be alone. Dawn heads out the door - no luggage, no keys. Dawn is just...gone.

Six hours later, Joanne calls me in hysterics. She wants to take the ring back but doesn't trust herself to drive. Can I take her? Sure.

So if you've never been to a jewelry store to return a ring with a sobbing woman, good for you. It's basically the best way to get people to give you the dirtiest looks possible.

So Joanne and I get the money and we're heading home. We get to the house and there's Dawn on the porch. I tell her I'm going to leave but Joanne tells me to stay 'just in case.'

Turns out Dawn had been proposed to once before - by a guy. Her first boyfriend right out of high school. Dawn is a bit of a drama queen and didn't even consider ever being married again since gay marriage wasn't legal in our state at the time. She just figured she'd be one of those 'old lesbians' you see on the weekend buying plants. She walked around for almost eight hours, considering it. She told us both that she had to be completely honest, first and foremost. She then told us the following:

-She would absolutely marry Joanne, but there would be no $20,000 ring. There would be no diamond because Dawn hates the diamond industry. Dawn wanted a simple titanium band. 'Like a dude. Diamonds would just get in the way.'

-Despite her previous kind of weird bohemian existence, she admitted that she's from a very wealthy, very large family that loves her very much and does not care that she's gay. Joanne had met her mom once and a brother once, but somehow had missed the fact that Dawn had six total siblings and step-siblings and had a personal trust fund that was well into the seven-figure range. 'We just never talked about that stuff much as long as the bills got paid,' she said.

-Dawn said that they shouldn't get married right away in San Francisco, where they lived, but that they should spend a month traveling first. 'If we can still stand each other after traveling for a month we're good.' Joanne had always wanted to travel but didn't have the money. That had changed.

When Dawn and Joanne came back from their month abroad, they were very much in love and wanted to get married immediately. A matching pair of titanium rings, $50 each off Amazon. 'Like a dude,' as Dawn said. They got married (a ceremony at least) in Golden Gate Park. I was there with some close friends. It was lovely."

The Guy Need A Snack And A Drink! Stat!
The Guy Need A Snack And A Drink! Stat!

"I don't work selling engagement rings, but I was witness to a pretty funny event when I was buying an engagement ring.

This guy was there with his friend to shop for an engagement ring (was nervous and needed support?) I guess he started having a panic attack and freaking out about the commitment of getting engaged. He was hyperventilating, sweating, looking pretty bad. The saleswoman had him sit down on a couch, she vanished for a minute, and then came back with a cold one and a warm cookie.

The dude shoveled the cookie down his throat, drank about half the brew immediately, and started calming down.

How much of an all-star was this saleswoman that she had a brew and warm cookies ready? I asked the saleswoman I was talking to (a different one) and she said it happens all the time and they always have cold ones and cookies ready during business hours."

The Saddest Saps
The Saddest Saps

"I've worked at two jewelry stores and I haven't seen many meltdowns, but it's darn depressing when a guy would come in and buy a several thousand dollar diamond anniversary ring to try and save his marriage. And then calls six months later asking if he can return it because she's divorcing him and he can't keep up on the payments."

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